The Arc of Shelby County’s Early Intervention Program provides evaluations to children and families at no cost to them. 60% of referrals for evaluations received are direct referrals from the community, including from pediatricians, day care centers, and the Shelby County foster care program. Other referrals for evaluations come from the Alabama State Early Intervention system.

Evaluations are provided using a team approach, often with a service coordinator and a specialist (PT, OT or Speech Therapist) attending and conducting two assessments simultaneously. This both minimizes disruption for the family and also provides early intervention staff the opportunity for peer review and consultation in order to determine the most accurate assessment of the child’s developmental needs.

The Arc of Shelby County provided 131 evaluations between January and June of this year. Quality evaluation services are the first step to ensuring that children at risk for disabilities or delays are identified quickly and begin receiving vital Early Intervention services as soon as possible.

Your support of our #45DAYSOFGIVING Campaign will help us continue to provide this service at no cost to children and families in our community!