The Arc of Shelby County's Mission Statement --  "The Arc of Shelby County provides services and supports that empower individuals with developmental disabilities and delays and their families throughout their lifespan to live happy, successful and productive lives within a community of their choice."

At The Arc of Shelby County, our mission is to provide tools that build communities where every person belongs, where each person has the opportunity to build the dreams that add up to a happy and productive life.

Whether during infancy, adulthood or any stage in between, The Arc of Shelby County provides programs and services that help our communities embrace each others' differences.

The Arc of Shelby County exists to provide a support system for infants, children and adults who face the daily challenges of developmental disabilities and delays...

We serve individuals with developmental disabilities by offering a relationship that lasts as long as you need it, to be used however you see fit. It is our belief that you and your family are best suited to determine the types of services and supports you need. You are best suited to make your goals, plan your life, dream your dreams.

The Arc Believes In:                                                                         

  •  People First
  •  Self-Determination
  •  Embracing Differences
  •  Community Participation
  •  Diversity
  •  Democracy
  •  Empowerment
  •  Self-Advocacy