The Community Living Program provides services to promote the specific interests and needs of adults with developmental disabilities. The services, provided in the home, community, or other setting chosen by the individual or the family, promote independence and inclusion in the community and self determination for individuals who have been approved for a Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Medicaid Waiver through the State of Alabama. Expanding the scope of traditional human services, The Arc of Shelby County New Visions program assists individuals who because of health or other limiting conditions may be able to work only on a limited, part-time basis, leaving many hours of the week with no planned services.

Personal Care

Services in the home promote skills in the activities of daily living. Assistance in the community includes accompaniment, coaching, and minor problem-solving necessary to achieve the objectives of increased independence, productivity, and inclusion in the community. This could include transportation, shopping, banking, social interaction, recreation, leisure activities, skills training in activities of daily living, home management, and community integration. The services may be provided either in the individual’s residence or in a community setting. These services will relate to identified, planned goals including self-care, interpersonal skills, communication, behavior shaping, community living skills, mobility, health care, socialization, community inclusion, money management, pursuit of leisure and recreational activities, as well as household chores and responsibilities.

How to Access Services

Individuals and their families seeking services need to be referred to The Arc of Shelby County by the Chilton-Shelby Mental Health Center @ (205) 668-1327. This agency will assist the individual/family through the process of applying for a State of Alabama Home and Community Based Services Medicaid Waiver. Following a referral from the State of Alabama waiting list, project staff will meet with the individual, family, and caregivers, and others to develop a specific plan based on individual desires and needs.