Many parents are asking “how do I know if my child is behind?” Is my child learning or growing like they should? Does my child need Early Intervention Services? Here are few things the Alabama’s Early Intervention System (a division of the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services) says to look for:

Does your Child

At 3 months

follow a moving object with his/her eyes
hold head erect
grasp object placed in his/her hands

At 6 months

turn over from back to stomach
turn toward sounds
sit with little support
reach for and hold objects

At 9 months

say Ma-ma or Da-da
respond to name
stand for a short time holding onto support
bang two objects together
initiate sounds

At 12 months

wave bye-bye
say two words besides Ma-ma and Da-da
feed himself/herself

At 18 months

say six words
build a tower with three blocks
try to put on shoes
drink from a cup held in both hands

At 2 years

use two-word sentences
say at least 50 words
walk up and down stairs
point to objects in a book

If you feel your young child, age birth to 3, is not learning or growing in the way you expect, call The Arc of Shelby’s Office (205-664-9313) or Early Intervention CHILD FIND (1-800-543-3098).