The Arc of Shelby County offers individuals two tracks to finding successful employment – Milestones to Employment and Career Assessment.

Milestones To Employment 

Milestones to Employment is a supported employment program with a customer-driven approach that assesses individuals with the most-significant disabilities and assists eligible individuals in obtaining competitive, integrated employment.

Milestone 1 – Situational assessment and/or discovery
Milestone 2 – Job search/job placement
Milestone 3 – Job coaching
Milestone 4 – Long-term follow-up

Career Assessment

Career Assessment is a program designed for individuals who may not necessarily need long term support but rather more intense supports on the front end to prepare for the workforce. Services include an emphasis on job readiness, such as resume building, mock interviews, application submission assistance, self advocacy training and support during job search. Job coaching services are available as needed. After 90 days of successful employment, the program participants file closes with The Arc as successfully employed.

These programs are offered in collaboration with Vocational Rehabilitation Service (VRS), a division of the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services (ADRS). The Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services determines the most appropriate employment program for each program participant upon referral.

To apply for Supported Employment services, please contact your local VR office and schedule an appointment.  A VR counselor can assist in determining if supported employment is appropriate for you.

View the VR Supported Employment Brochure.